Wednesday, November 21, 2012

nonsense at the groceries

Yesterday: I went to the grocery store on my way home from work to buy body wash and ketchup; the use of these two items are unrelated. I was in line at the cashier when I noticed I was standing behind a guy who didn’t look married. Living where I live, this is rare. He was buying two cases of beer and one container of ice cream. Hip looking glasses, a navy blue beanie on his head, a jacket I can’t remember, fitted dark blue jeans, and nice brown boots. This may have been the one of the few times in my life I have wanted to follow someone home in their car. Who are you? I want to be your favorite.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Sarah Goodridge, Beauty Revealed. Self portrait miniature on ivory. 2 5/8th inches by 3 1/8th inches. American. 1828.
Let me just type that year again: 1828.
A variation on a Lover’s Eye, this was a gift from Goodridge to Daniel Webster (he who bargained with the devil in Stephen Vincent Benet’s short story) and discovered in his possessions after his death. Most descriptions of the duo’s relationship depict them as “friends and correspondents.”
Right. She painted 12 portraits of Webster over the years. He burned her letters. She kept his, and never married.
Here’s the rest of Sarah Goodridge, in another self-portrait from a couple of years later.

This little piece kills me. Cell phone porn and texted seductions are nothing new. We just keep reinventing ways to tell each other we’ve fallen in love."

I found this story to be beautiful, fascinating, and heartbreaking. I now feel the need to read anything and everything I can about this. There has to be some kind of historical version of UsWeekly, right?

Monday, June 25, 2012

bits and pieces

 The past few months have been challenging. I've been so stressed out from work (mainly, among other things) that my sister confessed that she was worried about my mental state, which she never does. What else could she think after I've called her in the middle of a workday (this never happens, everything is email email email), and busted out of my bedroom door past midnight yelling "BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT. BULL-SHIT."

Pity party aside, here are some tidbits I've collected over the past few months.

On work IMs and emails: The copious amounts of overtime everyone in the office has been working has turned us into wild sweatshop animals; cagey and ready to go for each others' throats at the smallest trigger. The other day I received a very polite IM from a coworker asking me if I had a moment to help them with an order. And despite the nice message, I could not help thinking for a split second, "why YES I have a moment. I have LOTS of moments and no fucks to give." Thank goodness I have self control.

On suicide: FIRST off, I'm not going to off myself. I know it's bad and selfish, but we'd all be lying if we said it hadn't crossed our minds once or twice. Anyway...thank God I am TOO lazy to suicide myself. If I ever decided to suicide myself, I would want to organize my belongings first; donate clothing I don't need (well of course I wouldn't be needing them anymore) and throw away all the trash I have accumulated in my lifetime. I couldn't bare to leave so much work for my family to do in addition to arranging my funeral. Alas, I am too lazy to do ALL these things, especially with all the overtime going on at work. So I will say this: when I was growing up, my father would always lecture me, saying that "laziness is a disease", but in this case, laziness is actually a lifesaver.

On Yelp: They need to have Yelp for people, all people. Before I come into contact with a new restaurant, I want to study the menu and read past reviews in order to avoid any feelings of disappointment and reduce the risk of heartburn.

On bad dreams: It must have been a lulu. A few weeks ago (during one of the busiest weeks this season at work), I had a dream that I was in my childhood house and my mother was breaking the news to me that for the past six years I had been living a delusion brought on by severe depression and that IN this delusion, I was severely the delusion brought on my severe depression...and now was the time to consider voluntarily committing myself. I remember being upset and panicking because this meant that I had been doing all this work for fake college and had no degree to speak of. Should I capitalize and underline and bold and italicize "VOLUNTARILY" on my resumé?

On manners: Last week I was feeling somewhat better, so I bought ice cream for myself and three other friends/coworkers. We were outside enjoying the sun and eating our ice cream when I noticed a guy walking towards the entrance door carrying a CPU. I walked over to the door, which was a good distance from where I was standing and I held the door open for him. This guy, this swell, this ne'er do well had the balls to give me the stink eye and huff and puff his way through the door without saying a word to me. I have never wanted to punch a guy in the dick so much in my life.

On the bright side: I know I've been whining, so I keep telling myself to stop crying like a little girl because things are still so great. I've been told that we're never given anything we cannot handle, so I would rather work harder at better handling whatever is coming next than sail through life all fat and happy with everything handed to me on a silver platter and never learning anything. <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

10 minute poster. The song "I Need You Tonight" by Elkland came on, and this line just stuck to my brain until I released it onto this hipsterish picture.

Another 10 minute poster I did last Sunday.